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About USTech Digital

USTech Digital is the technology and leadership consulting brand of USTech Solutions.

USTech Solutions, founded in 2000, is a global talent management firm providing global companies, including Fortune 500, with talent acquisition and management solutions.

With a global network of over 23 million candidates and a 97% client retention rate, USTech Solutions offers a personalized approach backed by extensive experience.

Our belief in innovation

With our focus on innovation, ​we’re always finding new ways to push businesses further.


From brainstorming to breakthroughs in rapid time

Short on time for innovation? It’s a common challenge that many IT and procurement share. Co-innovation lets your in-house team join forces with our network of pre-vetted expert technology partners to solve your toughest challenges. 

We offer Virtual Innovation Camps, where in a 2-hour session, your department and project leaders can explore up to 6 innovation topic areas in a live interactive session, where all suppliers have pre-signed our co-innovation Master Services Agreement which means you can accelerate from ideas to solutions in rapid time.

A 2023 study by Deloitte found that co-innovation projects resulted in 3x faster time-to-market for new products and services. 

"Co-innovation is the secret sauce for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve." Smriti Nagalia, Head of Partnerships for USTech Digital

Partner Network

We source delivery capability, so you don’t have to

Don't go it alone! Many good tech projects are derailed by shortfalls in know-how and talent. In addition to our vast army of in-house sourced candidates, USTECH DIGITAL manages Independent Consulting and Software Partner Networks. In doing so, we connect you with a vast ecosystem of pre-vetted specialists and technology suppliers to tackle almost any tech challenge. 

According to a Gartner report (2022), 78% of businesses leverage partner networks to access complementary skills and technologies. 

"Partner networks are a game-changer. They give our clients access to the latest tech and expertise without the hassle of building it themselves." Theepika Devaraj, Snr Manager, IT Services & Strategy for USTECH DIGITAL

IT Project Delivery

Democratize IT projects and get results faster

Tired of tedious SOW project admin and fragmented communications? In an age of compliance, not running your SOW contracting through a robust tool can result in not just delayed projects but hefty fines! Our Statement of Work (SOW) outsourcing and systems establish the ground rules for effective project contracting, ensuring a smooth and successful project. 

A Forbes article (2022) states that well-defined SOWs reduce project misunderstandings by 50%, saving businesses time and money. 

"SOWs are the foundation for any successful project. They keep everyone on the same page and prevent headaches down the road." – Ian C Tomlin, Chair of The Universal Workforce Institute (TheUWI.com)

Codeless Innovation

Build the Future Without Writing a Line of Code!

No coding skills? No problem! Codeless innovation platforms empower anyone to create powerful applications without programming. One of the most advanced no-code platforms is Encanvas for which USTECH DIGITAL is the exclusive North American implementation partner.

A study by IDC (2021) predicts that the codeless development market will reach $26.9 billion by 2026. 

Codeless innovation is democratizing tech creation. Now, anyone with a great idea can bring it to life." - Andrew Lawrie, Co-Founder and Architect of Encanvas

Transformational Consulting

Unleash Your Business's Hidden Potential!

At USTECH DIGITAL we go beyond basic IT consulting. Our transformational consulting approach begins by working with you to model your business, its digital DNA, and business-critical information flows. Then, we take your business to the next level with a holistic approach to strategy, technology, and change management with our FIVE DIMENSIONS strategy.

A McKinsey report (2023) found that companies that embrace transformational consulting achieve 3x higher returns on their investments. 

"Transformational consulting isn't just about fixing problems, it's about driving lasting change and growth." – Michael Manser, SVP Operations for USTC DIGITAL


Hyper-automation takes automation to the next level, using AI and robotics to automate complex tasks across your entire organization. USTech Digital has pioneered in this space to engineer Cloud Spaces and Data Hub in conjunction with Encanvas. These two innovations equip organizations to automate at an unprecedented pace, scale and level of ambition that has never been possible before.

A study by Accenture (2022) suggests that hyper-automation can increase business productivity by up to 70%. 

"Hyper-automation is the future of work. It frees up your human workforce to focus on higher-level tasks and drive strategic innovation." Manoj Agarwal, President of USTECH DIGITAL

Our Values

Empowering People

We cultivate leadership and accountability across all levels, empowering our team to exceed expectations, innovate, and delight our customers.

Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is our standard. From first contact to continuous reviews, we ensure value, efficiency, and smarter solutions for our clients.

Continuous Improvement

We never settle. We challenge the status quo, pushing for continuous improvement and exceeding expectations, today and tomorrow.

A Culture Of Diversity

At USTech Digital, we foster a workplace where everyone thrives. As a minority-owned business, diversity and inclusion are not just our values, they’re embedded in our DNA. We believe in the power of a diverse workforce and its impact on innovation, problem-solving, and serving our clients effectively.

Diversity isn’t just a box to check; it’s the foundation for our success. We’re committed to attracting, retaining, and empowering a diverse workforce that drives innovation and excellence.

Why diversity matters

Innovation revenue is 19% higher for companies with above-average diversity in their management teams.

Boston Consulting Group (2018)

Diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions compared to less diverse teams.

Deloitte (2018)

Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity have a 25% higher chance of financial outperformance.

Harvard Business Review (2018):

Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 36% more likely to outperform their peers financially.

Kinsey & Company (2020)

Make your project happen.

Since 2000, USTech Solutions connects leading corporations with global talent, powering success for 85 Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries.